Saturday, 28 January 2012

My favourite Ibiza beaches part 1

Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011
Ibiza Spotlight - a great source of news and information on Ibiza - has published a fantastic interactive map of Ibiza's beaches.

Hover over each beach and an image of the beach appears. Then click through to another page giving lots of useful information such as location, facilities and accommodation.

Some favourite beaches in Ibiza:

Calla Bassa beach, Ibiza - There beach and the nearby Camping Calla Bassa are very dear to me. This was one of the first beaches I discovered in Ibiza way back in the mid 1990s and we have returned there year after year. Before buying our apartment we camped at Calla Bassa and have enjoyed many happy moments both there and at the nearby beach.
Calla Bassa beach, Ibiza
The beach has a backdrop of wild pine trees which afford shade in the heat of the day. The water is crystal clear blue with a wide, gently sloping beach and good snorkeling. Thanks to the hoards of British tourists arriving by ferry from San Antonio, plus the Spanish holidaymakers, there is never a dull moment at Calla Bassa.
In 2011 the authorities attempted to take Calla Bassa upmarket, selling the beach cafe leases to people who have constructed a place more aimed at the "white linen brigade" than normal people. It remains to be seen how successful this is. It was nice to hear a DJ playing there late last summer in the new cafe.

Benirrás, Ibiza
People having fun at the evening drumming 
Benirras, Ibiza - way up in the north, this beach is beloved of the hippy community who come here at sunset to drum. It has an excellent fish restaurant on the beach. It is also possible to rough camp on the hillside behind the campsite if you want to stay in the area for a few days on the cheap.
There are lots of walks around the coast and headland. This place does get crowded in the summer but it always has a lovely, alternative feel to it. The area suffered badly from the forest fire of 2011 so there are some scorched hillsides still visible.

Edén (HDR)
Salines beach from its quiet end
Ses Salines (Las Salines), Ibiza - In complete contrast to Benirras, Ses Salines (pronounced sa-lin-es) is one of the places to be seen and pose in Ibiza. The long strip of sand has a backdrop of sand dunes with trendy lounge beach bars strung along its length. It is easily accessible from Ibiza Town by bus (twice an hour, E1.80 each way; once an hour in winter). The thirty minute journey there takes you through the middle of the majestic salt pans of Ibiza, home to flamingoes at certain times of year.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ibiza opening parties 2012

The famous Pacha cherries
The Ibiza clubbing season is kicking off in May 2012 to coincide with the International Music Summit in Ibiza Town. Opening dates are as follows:

Thursday 24 May 2012 F*** ME I’M FAMOUS at Pacha, Eivissa featuring David Guetta

Pacha is a beautiful club and is the only one to stay open all winter

Friday 25 May 2012 FIESTA DEL AGUA at Es Paradis San Antonio Line-up: DJ Stevee Valverde
Memorable night as Es Paradis
Anyone who has experienced the swirling mess of foam and muddy water at an Es Paradis foam party will understand that it is a curious mixture of pleasure and pain. Pleasure because it is quite fun and a glamorous club; pain because it ruins your clothes and you have to walk home wet. In May? No thank you!

Saturday 26 May DEFECTED at Pacha, Eivissa Line-up: T B A

Sunday 27 May SPACE opening party 2012 Line up: T B A
Space is undoubtedly a top global club. My fondest memories of the place are in the aftermath of Manumission. It was THE place to go for the afterparty for those still standing.

Monday 28 May CIRCO LOCO opening party 2012 at DC10
Located at the end of the airport runway, this rough and ready club is a real favourite of mine. It gets closed down regularly by the police and authorities who are rumoured to be in the pay of the owners of the mainstream Ibiza clubs, the Ibiza club mafia.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Cycling in Ibiza - tips and maps to download

Ibiza is a fantastic place to ride a bicycle. The island has many miles of quiet roads, especially in the north and west. We have spent many happy days over the years exploring Ibiza by bicycle, both on and off-road.
It is possible to get to the far north and back in a day but a better idea is to take a tent and rough camp for a night or two. We can give visitors plenty of advice on great routes and places to camp.

Tips for cycling in Ibiza:

- Taking bikes by plane to Ibiza is relatively easy though the airline rules are always changing. Most of the carriers charge £20-£30 per journey. If they ask for the bike to be inserted in a bike bag we have tried wrapping them in clingfilm or some old cardboard and clingfilm instead at the airport. That way you avoid carrying the bulky bag around with you everywhere. The bikes are normally wheeled into the baggage reclaim at Ibiza airport though I have had them falling off the carousel.

- A sturdy road bike or mountain bike is best as you will want to get off the beaten track to explore the parts of the island which are accessible only off-road.

- Take plenty of food and water as shops are few and far between in the north and opening hours are erratic. This can be very frustrating!

- The Ibiza Tourist Board publishes useful maps of cycle routes around Ibiza which you can download or collect in printed format in English from tourist information centres on the island in Eivissa and San Antonio.

- Here is an interactive map of Ibiza cycling routes linking to GPS coordinates or downloadable PDFs


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ibiza International Music Summit (IMS) 2012 dates

Proposed dates for the 2012 Ibiza International Music Summit are 23-25 May 2012 according to a post on the Ibiza Spotlight Forum. And we've just found independent verification of the date, from the IMS official website. This looked like an amazing event in 2011 even if "SamCam" was spotted there! Seems to be too early to buy tickets yet for this year's IMS though you can register.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We need winter flights from the UK to Ibiza!

Ibiza is a wonderful place to go off-season and the Germans know it - they enjoy year-round direct flights. So it is galling that Ryanair withdrew its direct UK flights to Ibiza in winter 2011 after the Ibiza government withdrew its subsidy.
However all is not lost. It is possible to fly there on a variety of routes including London to Madrid to Ibiza; London to Majorca to Ibiza; and London to Barcelona to Ibiza plus routes via Germany.
Be prepared to spend most of a day flying. However we've discovered some good routes with quite civilized flying times and at reasonable cost. Easyjet, Ryanair and Spanair are all worth checking. The site edreams is good for internal Spanish connecting flights. Watch out though as it charges a £20 administration fee unless you use a prepaid Mastercard credit card.
As a rental property owner in Ibiza we would love to go more often to stay in winter but the lack of direct flights has been a hindrance.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Photos of Ibiza town apartment to rent

Ibiza town apartment photo kitchen area

Ibiza town apartment photo part of lounge

Ibiza town apartment image part of main lounge room 

Ibiza Town photo of view from the apartment showing walls of Dalt Villa

Ibiza town apartment views towards the harbour with boats visible
Ibiza Town apartment to rent - photos

Lovely apartment to rent in Ibiza town, La Marina

Located in Ibiza town's La Marina area, this charming apartment is available for holiday rentals throughout the year. It has a double bedroom plus a huge living room/kitchen with a sofa bed so can easily sleep four people. It is located on Calle de Mar, a quiet street in the heart of the La Marina district. Just five minutes walk to the harbour and historic Dalt Villa.
This beautiful apartment has a balcony which catches the sun all day and enjoys views of the Dalt Villa.
About the owners: we are a UK-based couple who bought the place in summer 2010 and totally renovated it to make it perfect as a holiday home.
Please contact or call me on 0044 7930 196046.