Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New photos of our Ibiza town apartment to rent

We've just returned from Ibiza and have taken more photos of our cute apartment to rent in Ibiza town. Search the blog for earlier images including the living room, kitchen and balcony. Look out for more, including video, over the next few days.

Apartment from the outside - second floor up
The bedroom 
Bathroom with authentic Spanish tiles

The bedroom with its wooden ceiling beams

At the end of our street - the fountain and Dalt Vila walls
At the end of our street, again

At the other end of our street - the church

Monday, 13 February 2012

Ryanair tops list for rip off airline bicycle charges

Ibiza AirportIt's been five years since I last transported a bicycle by plane and the escalation in charges is pretty horrific. Our friends Ryanair top the list for rip off charges with a heft £50 fee for each leg of the journey. That will add £100 to a return journey; you could buy a cheap bike abroad for that kind of money.
Easyjet is a little better with a £25 each way fee whilst British Airways gets my vote for its free of charge carriage of bicycles.
Taking a bike with you can make life a lot easier. You can reassemble it at the airport and start your journey straight away. This is great at Ibiza airport where you can ride into unspoilt countryside within a few minutes of departing the airport.
It is also great to have your own bicycle with you rather than a hire bike. My beloved Thorn tourer is very well travelled.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Best low cost flight search engine for Ibiza

I've just discovered flightchecker, a superb site which lets you search all the main low cost airlines for the entire year, highlighting all the cheap flight options for Ibiza and elsewhere. Go to It works like this: put in the maximum price you're willing to pay and the time period you want to search. I found some bargain Ibiza flights in the £30-£50 bracket throughout the spring, summer and autumn.
Plane on runway of Ibiza airport
Plane ready to board at Ibiza airport
The site is run by which does a brilliant weekly e-mail of tips for saving money. The site even gives advice about ways to avoid paying many of the extra charges levied by the cheap airlines.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Best Ibiza beaches part two

If you're coming to Ibiza, you must explore the island's beaches. There are 50 plus to choose from so here are some more of our personal favourites to help you choose. Visit my previous post to see our top three beaches.

Sa Caleta, Ibiza
Sa Caleta beach, Ibiza
A few kilometres west of Ibiza Town, Sa Caleta is just off the back road to Sant Josep. It feels wild despite its proximity to the airport and town. The narrow beach is in a lovely wide cove with wonderful walks along the clifftops through pine scrub towards a lookout with amazing views along the coast. This is a great place to catch the sunset on this side of the island which is mostly in shade in the evening.
Another major attraction of this beach is the wonderful Sa Caleta fish restaurant which is at the top of the beach. Open summer and winter for drinks and food.

Cala Salada
Cala Salada beach, Ibiza
Just north of San Antonio, Cala Salada is a secluded beach surrounded by pine forest. It is on the edge of the most wild part of the island, where vertiginous cliffs rise above the ocean and pine forests cover the hilly interior. This area is great for walking and cycling and you can stop off at Cala Salada for a dip on the way home.
It is said to be a great place to watch the sun set. We met a friendly dog there many years ago.