Thursday, 2 February 2012

Best Ibiza beaches part two

If you're coming to Ibiza, you must explore the island's beaches. There are 50 plus to choose from so here are some more of our personal favourites to help you choose. Visit my previous post to see our top three beaches.

Sa Caleta, Ibiza
Sa Caleta beach, Ibiza
A few kilometres west of Ibiza Town, Sa Caleta is just off the back road to Sant Josep. It feels wild despite its proximity to the airport and town. The narrow beach is in a lovely wide cove with wonderful walks along the clifftops through pine scrub towards a lookout with amazing views along the coast. This is a great place to catch the sunset on this side of the island which is mostly in shade in the evening.
Another major attraction of this beach is the wonderful Sa Caleta fish restaurant which is at the top of the beach. Open summer and winter for drinks and food.

Cala Salada
Cala Salada beach, Ibiza
Just north of San Antonio, Cala Salada is a secluded beach surrounded by pine forest. It is on the edge of the most wild part of the island, where vertiginous cliffs rise above the ocean and pine forests cover the hilly interior. This area is great for walking and cycling and you can stop off at Cala Salada for a dip on the way home.
It is said to be a great place to watch the sun set. We met a friendly dog there many years ago.

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