Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Photos of spring time almond flowers in Ibiza

Ibiza: Almond trees in bloom
Ibizan almond blossoms in spring
Ibiza is very beautiful in spring time. In January or February a sea of white almond tree blossoms burst into life across the island as the sun starts to increase in strength.

The island normally gets plenty of rain in winter and the countryside remains a verdant green right up until the heat of summer fades it slightly.

The sight of so many wild flowers throughout the spring and early summer is wonderful, as is the bird life in Ibiza.

Whichever month in spring you choose to come, there will always be a new display of trees and flowers in blossom.

Ibiza: Almond trees blooming on red soil.
The red Ibizan soil is very fertile
Ibiza is lucky not be plagued by the flocks of goats and sheep which can damage the vegetation so much elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

The island was, however, damaged in the north by several wild fires in 2011 and 2010. The charred landscape is only now beginning to regrow in some large tracts of the north and west.

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