Friday, 11 May 2012

After DIY we discover another amazing Ibiza beach

We've just returned from the White Isle where we have been putting the finishing touches to our Ibiza Town apartment before the summer renting season begins.

In between painting, battling through Spanish DIY shops and putting up a ceiling fan we did find time to explore more of the island.

Cala XarracaEven though I've been visiting Ibiza regularly since the explosive summer of 1997 there are still surprises to be uncovered.

This time we found a lovely little beach right up in the north of the island called Cala Xarraca. The sandy car park is down a little track on the Portinatx road.

The best thing about this beach is its translucent blue water, though its temperature was rather "refreshing" in early May. After plunging in you soon warm up and several brave souls did so that day. I swam out to the rock visible in the picture below.

This beach has a backdrop of unspoilt cliffs and trees on one side and an amazing luxury villa on the other. There is a small beach restaurant which we didn't try out.
Cala Xarraca beach

The Ibiza Spotlight guide says there is a mud bath with healing properties around to the left of Xarraca beach, so don't be afraid to get yourself dirty and rejuvenate your skin. It is also a favourite location for diving.

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