Best beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011
Ibiza Spotlight - a great source of news and information on Ibiza - has published a fantastic interactive map of Ibiza's beaches.

Hover over each beach and an image of the beach appears. Then click through to another page giving lots of useful information such as location, facilities and accommodation.

Some favourite beaches in Ibiza:

Calla Bassa
Calla Bassa beach, Ibiza - There beach and the nearby Camping Calla Bassa are very dear to me. This was one of the first beaches I discovered in Ibiza way back in the mid 1990s and we have returned there year after year. Before buying our apartment we camped at Calla Bassa and have enjoyed many happy moments both there and at the nearby beach.
Calla Bassa beach, Ibiza
The beach has a backdrop of wild pine trees which afford shade in the heat of the day. The water is crystal clear blue with a wide, gently sloping beach and good snorkeling. Thanks to the hoards of British tourists arriving by ferry from San Antonio, plus the Spanish holidaymakers, there is never a dull moment at Calla Bassa.
In 2011 the authorities attempted to take Calla Bassa upmarket, selling the beach cafe leases to people who have constructed a place more aimed at the "white linen brigade" than normal people. It remains to be seen how successful this is. It was nice to hear a DJ playing there late last summer in the new cafe.

Benirrás, Ibiza
People having fun at the evening drumming 
Benirras, Ibiza - way up in the north, this beach is beloved of the hippy community who come here at sunset to drum. It has an excellent fish restaurant on the beach. It is also possible to rough camp on the hillside behind the campsite if you want to stay in the area for a few days on the cheap.
There are lots of walks around the coast and headland. This place does get crowded in the summer but it always has a lovely, alternative feel to it. The area suffered badly from the forest fire of 2011 so there are some scorched hillsides still visible.

Ses Salines
Edén (HDR)
Salines beach from its quiet end
Ses Salines (Las Salines), Ibiza - In complete contrast to Benirras, Ses Salines (pronounced sa-lin-es) is one of the places to be seen and pose in Ibiza. The long strip of sand has a backdrop of sand dunes with trendy lounge beach bars strung along its length. It is easily accessible from Ibiza Town by bus (twice an hour, E1.80 each way; once an hour in winter). The thirty minute journey there takes you through the middle of the majestic salt pans of Ibiza, home to flamingoes at certain times of year.

Sa Caleta
If you're coming to Ibiza, you must explore the island's beaches. There are 50 plus to choose from so here are some more of our personal favourites to help you choose..

Sa Caleta, Ibiza
Sa Caleta beach, Ibiza
A few kilometres west of Ibiza Town, Sa Caleta is just off the back road to Sant Josep. It feels wild despite its proximity to the airport and town. The narrow beach is in a lovely wide cove with wonderful walks along the clifftops through pine scrub towards a lookout with amazing views along the coast. This is a great place to catch the sunset on this side of the island which is mostly in shade in the evening.
Another major attraction of this beach is the wonderful Sa Caleta fish restaurant which is at the top of the beach. Open summer and winter for drinks and food.

Cala Salada
Cala Salada beach, Ibiza
Just north of San Antonio, Cala Salada is a secluded beach surrounded by pine forest. It is on the edge of the most wild part of the island, where vertiginous cliffs rise above the ocean and pine forests cover the hilly interior. This area is great for walking and cycling and you can stop off at Cala Salada for a dip on the way home.
It is said to be a great place to watch the sun set. We met a friendly dog there many years ago.

Cala Xarraca
Cala XarracaEven though I've been visiting Ibiza regularly since the explosive summer of 1997 there are still surprises to be uncovered.

This time we found a lovely little beach right up in the north of the island called Cala Xarraca. The sandy car park is down a little track on the Portinatx road.

The best thing about this beach is its translucent blue water, though its temperature was rather "refreshing" in early May. After plunging in you soon warm up and several brave souls did so that day. I swam out to the rock visible in the picture below.

This beach has a backdrop of unspoilt cliffs and trees on one side and an amazing luxury villa on the other. There is a small beach restaurant which we didn't try out.
Cala Xarraca beach

The Ibiza Spotlight guide says there is a mud bath with healing properties around to the left of Xarraca beach, so don't be afraid to get yourself dirty and rejuvenate your skin. It is also a favourite location for diving.

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